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Hey everyone! I've looked in this forum for answers to this specific set of questions, but I didn't seem to find any. Forgive me if I'm repeating. I am an ICU nurse who was a superuser during my facilities recent... Read More

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    Hi kishykat. I believe that if you go to the site I posted, you will find the curriculum for the program. I think it is free to the public. You probably can study from that and perhaps challenge and pass the HIT Pro exam.

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    Quote from belizish
    Are you on the West Coast? 1. What were your super user tasks/role? 2. Were you a super user only for go-live or is it an on-going role?3. Why type of implementation were you supporting?
    Belizish - nah, I'm not on the west coast, would be nice for vacation right about now though.
    I was merely a Go Live superuser. Not sure what made me "super". Of course I am still considered a go to person and try to be the person who contacts informatics or help desk on behalf of the staff depending on the issue/concern. We were implementing an entirely new EHR. This first act included clinical documention for nursing including EMAR, pharmacy, order entry, and a new lab system. It was a rough Go Live but we made it. Still working out some kinks. The only thing not included was physician order entry and documention - that's coming up real soon.
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    Quote from Mijourney
    Another option you may consider while it is still relatively free and while you're still lurking at your place of employment is to pursue a HIT-PRO certification by taking course work through one of the online HITECH school programs. Check out this link to see what type of training opportunities may be out there for you. Home

    In the future, there should be more opportunities in the hospital and beyond for HIT skilled clinicians to become involved in EHR and workflow implementation.
    Thanks for the link!!! I'm trying to go this route also.

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