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  1. Hi. I recently had to resign from my new grad Med Surg RN position on an Oncology floor. I actually have 10 months of experience working in a LTC facility from 2009-2010, but had to resign from that position in June 2011 in part, because I was pg with my twin boys. Got back to work in a Med Surg position in oncology, but was forced to resign. I've decided to take a break, and actually go for counseling, because I've been under a lot of stress lately. Wondering what to do, and trying to essentially take it easy. My manager in my last position said that I can return after I vamp up my nursing skills, and that there will be no bad record on me on file, and I can always come back when I'm ready my vamping up my assessment skills. You see, I got my 2nd Degree BSN from nursing while I was pg with my first child, and that along with the birth of twins during my first job as a new grad RN and dealing with this economy..well, developed Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

    The counselor asked if nursing was for me, and what I think I should be doing. Well, to give a little background I was in the US Navy, and under a program where the navy paid me to get my MS in Environmental Health, which has some statistical background. Plus, I'm still interested in Nursing, but not too sure about floor nursing now. I'm interested in computers, and have been complemented on my ability to move around an office program. From the suggestion of my manager, I've decided to volunteer working with Med Assistants at my pcp office, and perhaps volunteering with the school nurse at the school my daughter will be attending for kindergarten.

    Would there be a possibility for a position in informatics for someone like me with 10 mos of experience in LTC and some experience in a clinic? Sorry this is loaded. Lots of things happened to me. Unforunately, I don't know if the anxiety from GAD is getting the best of me, or I'm wrong for floor nursing. Thanks for listening.

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