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HIT PRO exam

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    I was wondering if anyone has taken the HIT PRO exam for Clinician/Practioner. Just finished the certification program through HITECH and am looking for study guides/tips. If anyone has any information it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    I took and passed the Clinician/Practitioner HIT Pro exam last March. According to HIT Pro™ statistics, this exam is the hardest out of the 6 roles so I'm definitely happy I passed it. This website helped me. HIT Pro exam

    It provides you with a sample exam akin to what you will take on the actual test.

    Also go to this website: http://onc-ntdc.info/

    Register and download the component pdfs related to this specific role.

    And obviously study the handouts provided to you during the course.

    Best of luck.

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    Thank you and congratulations on passing the exam! Have you found a job in the field yet?
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    Well no and yes. No because my initial hope was to land a nursing informatics position being I was an RN. Yes because I was instead hired as an EPIC systems analyst/builder (was sent to Madison and got an EPIC ambulatory certification).

    My job now is to build/configure EPIC software to many ambulatory clinics/ physician's offices that are affiliated with a major hospital network. I rarely get to use my expertise as a clinical nurse as it is for the most part an IT role.

    I can't complain though as I consider it a major blessing. I can't tell you if my HIT Pro certification helped me land the position or not as there was 6 of us hired and I was the only one who was HITPro certified. However, my professor in the community college where i took the Clinician/Practitioner class was the one who informed me of the job opening so I owe her big for that.
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    That's awesome! Congratulations
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    Hi...I am very interested in getting EPIC certified..I am not employed currently..can anyone help me with that?