August 23-December 11, 2006: Nursing Informatics Practicum

  1. Nursing Informatics Practicum

    August 23-December 11, 2006

    This course provides an opportunity for the learner to synthesize all previous coursework and to demonstrate beginning competency in nursing informatics. The course employs an application focus in which the learner demonstrates comprehension, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities within the context of a real-world environment.


    Introduction to Nursing Informatics, Clinical Information Systems, and Consumer Health Informatics.

    Course for contact hours

    Cost for contact hours is $550 for an individual registration. Group rates are available upon request; call (317) 274-7779 or send an e-mail to:

    The last date to register for contact hours is August 18, 2006. 45 contact hours will be earned for successfully completing the course.

    Click here to register for the course for contact hours.
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