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Associates in Health Information Technology?

  1. 0 Would it be beneficial to get an associates in health information technology if I wanted to become a clinical analyst, clinical informatics specialist, nursing informatics specialist or something within that nature? I have my BSN, but I am really interested in playing the technology role in nursing as well - sort of don't want to do bedside for the next 40 years. I was looking online at Master's degrees in nursing informatics but they are so expensive like $650 per credit! In addition, it isn't necessarily required to have a MSN to obtain a job in the field - it may be a plus, but I'm pretty sure it isn't required.

    Any input is definitely appreciated, Thanks!
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    I am also interested in finding out how to get into the field of IT. I have a BSN with 2 years of med surge experience. I also have diploma in computer programming that I did many many years ago. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks
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    YES!! This is the future of healthcare. Although you do not have very much nursing experience you have enough to venture into the field of Health IT. It would be ideal for you to enroll in one of the HITECH workforce certification programs. You should be a shoo in especially if you have worked using one of the EHR systems that are being implemented to comply with Meaninful USE as mandated by the Recovery Act of 2009.

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