Am I really in Nursing Informatics??

  1. I'm in the training department for a large clinic with over 300 providers. My job title is EHR Trainer and Development Specialist II. I just started this position last week, and was just handed the job description. They knew I was a RN and had said they always wanted someone on the training team with clinical experience. The job description states the education requirements include highschool/GED, and 5 years experience in a medical clinic. And I am the only RN on the team. I applied and interviewed for a major cancer hospital but did not get the job because of lack of experience. I was confident that this jump would be the perfect stepping stone in Nursing Informatics, but I second guess myself because this job did not require a RN license (again, I'm the only one that has a RN license). Did I make a mistake accepting this position or am I more on track then I thought to excel and grow within Nursing Informatics?