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Just for fun, what are your NLE scores in each of the 5 parts and how many times did you take the exam before you passed it? :yeah:... Read More

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    I cant remember the grades I got from each test. But I got 75% all in all. Lol!
    At least I proved to myself that I know something from the first year I went to nursing till board exam! hehe!!

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    mine is 71,81,86,81,84 ...and I got an average of 80.6 (PNLE july 2011)
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    is the general average to pass is 75? so even if u got below 75 in any subject, as long as your gen ave is 75, you will pass?
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    Quote from spongebob6286
    is the general average to pass is 75? so even if u got below 75 in any subject, as long as your gen ave is 75, you will pass?
    Yes. The general average should be equal to or higher than 75% and the raw score in each subject should be at least 60%...if the general average is 75% but the score he got for any subject is below 60% the applicant then becomes a conditional passer. A conditional passer must retake the subject/ part of the board exam he failed within 12 months after his initial registration for the exam.

    He will be allowed to retake the exam for the specific subject/ part he failed twice. After the 2nd retake, if the score he gets is still below 60%, the applicant will then have to retake all the 5 parts of the test just like those who failed the board exam. The same thing goes for conditional passers who did not have a retake within 12 months after their initial registration.
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    81.4% overall.
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    81,82,83,84,80=82% damn that test 5 and test 1
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    i got 75.65% first take and I'm proud
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    i got 82.2%
    it's unexpected!
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    Mine was so depressing if you have experienced being my shoe. I tried to apply in a hospital in our place but the chief nurse turned me down because of my board rating who happens to be 75% flat. i don't know what happen when i took the exam. I saw some of familiar faces working on that hospital and I know their performances going back in college. I can't imaging that they got high grades than i am. I'm not questioning their capabilities but the situation I cant explain. Its just that some hospital are really unfair, they should look at first the TOR before judging the person. If only i can retake the exam then i will. is it possible to retake the exam even if you passed it already?
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    July, one take, 80%. Good Lord!

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