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Any feedback about this school? I'm planning to continue my studies in this school for BSN. I'm currently in the US finishing up my Micro class & etc.... Read More

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    im proud to be pchs alumni and in my time, there were lots of students studying there (5000+). pchs has 3 floors and mostly all rooms from 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors were occupied. but sad to say, after i graduated (2008) until now, they lost lots of students and most of the rooms in 2nd and 3rd floors are vacant..they've been using only the 1st floor with 5 rooms

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    Hello currently residing in chicago,IL and planning to go back to philippines to study nursing.actually i finished a 4 yr radiologic technolgy course also in philippines and worked in saudi arabia for 7 years.My questions if i will enroll in nursing at pchs do u think guys i can finish the program in 2 years since i had previous degree in RT?pls. anyone can give me the email address or phone number of pchs.thank u
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    for more info pls check their new web site its
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    bsrtphils, just visit their website: =)
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    When did you graduate in PCHS? I live in las vegas and I went to the same school as you
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    Batch November 2008, PCHS graduate.

    The results of the NLE just came out and I found out that only 14 passed the nle exams in the Philippines, plus 12 repeaters. 8% of total passers. Its ironic that there are good students there but PCHS took off their nursing program I believe, as the passing rate was low already.
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    hi people I want to enroll for a summer class in PCHS can anyone give an idea how much do i have to pay per units? thank you... I hope I can have a response asap i really need it God bless...

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