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I hope this thread will help Nurses that is seeking for information regarding different trainings in hospital.... so what are you waiting for Start blogging now my fellow nurses.... any Info... Read More

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    Quote from jadedme
    Armed Forces of the Philippines Medical Center. Sometimes it really pays to do some researching. Hi google. anyway, the exams there are usually conducted during mondays and wednesdays. You just have to go there and log your info. The good thing is that you can choose the date of your exam. Its just the whole month of may though.
    Thanks jadedme. Do you have any idea what are mostly topic to be focus in the afpmc exam ? :-)

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    Quote from xyzabcd
    I suggest you print sets of your resume and credentials and distribute it to the hospitals in metro manila. whoever calls or text you first, grab the opportunity and have choices. there are only few hospitals who are accepting volunteers now because it was banned by the prc except for those prc accredited trainings. just go around manila I believe there is always something for you especially if you have the heart for nursing.
    Thanks. That's really my plan. But i need to review and study updates because I am working in BPO for a year now. I am searching for hospital accepting trainees as well because i need updates. Will try to pass my resume as well in our province.
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    Quote from jadedme
    Afpmc is going to conduct exams for rn residents on may. Thats a 6month training( volunteer) no need to think bout training fee.
    Thanks. Will try to pass my resume and try to take the exam there as well.
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    Focus: anything under the sun but be sure to review on computation and also its a plus if you have military relatives esp high ranking officials.
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    Hi im about to take a exam in medical center muntinlupa can someone who took one can give a piece of advice im kinda nervous for that
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    Quote from icu_nars
    Medical Center Muntinlupa (in front of Muntinlupa Municipal Hall)

    Directions: I'm not good at directions, so use google map

    Requirements: CV, diploma, TOR, board rating, PRC license, SSS E-1 form, BIR form, birth cert, 2 pcs ID pic 2x2 white BG, 2 pcs 1x1 colored, NBI clearance, IVT cert and ID, cedula, application letter (as volunteer nurse trainee) addressed to ******, MD (Personnel Director MPI - MCMun) Thru *****, RN, MAN (Nursing Director)

    Rumor: there's allowance

    My friend and I are going there tomorrow. But if I'm not in the mood I will burn 100pesos for videoke at Festival mall lol!

    Alabang Medical Center (along Alabang Zapote Road) (the blue building)
    Requirements: CV, diploma, TOR, board rating, IVT card
    Initial Exam: weird
    Misc: with allowance

    Ospital ng Muntinlupa
    Req: letter of intent to volunteer addressed to ******, CV, other credentials
    Misc: only Muntinlupa residents will get hired IF they have a backer; no allowance
    Hi can you send me the name of the addressee for the application letter to Medical Center Muntinlupa? thanks!
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    Hello fello nurses. I want to have my volunteer at Medical Center Muntinlupa. Coz this is the nearest hospital in my place. Any tips? Are they still accepting volunteers? Thank you in advance

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