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Hello Colleagues! I would just like to ask some details regarding Master of Arts in Nursing programs in some known universities here in Metro Manila because I am planning to enroll this coming school... Read More

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    Any update about the TUI|TION FEES for MAN or MHA in the Philippines Nursing School,if you have some information on this subject kindly leave feedback for information and guidance,thank you

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    Quote from JLLandero
    I'm currently taking MAN in PWU. With or without experience, you can enroll for in-campus or distance ed (online). If you are currently working, they will ask for an original COE. If not, a barangay clearance would suffice.
    I'm also currently enrolled in the distance ed program and so far I'm enjoying it primarily for the reason that it is very flexible for nurses who are currently engaged in service. You can consider taking a distance education program, I know UP and OLFU also offers MAN degree via online education.
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    Gud pm. Do you have idea about the tuition fee per sem of the following schools offering MASTER OF ARTS IN NURSING?

    PL pasig, PL Manila, University of Makati and OLFU?

    who are currently enrolled in those schools? please share you experiences. Thanks

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