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Hi! I'm a nuby here:) I would like to know, if there are students like me or graduates of LPN at Kennedy Global School. I really wanted to hear more about this school and the experiences.... Read More

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    i cannot reply to every post/question here. it aint my job. call the number and get the answers from the source.

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    strivin... if i was upset, u would see a lot of exclamation marks, funny characters to convey an expletive, capital letters all throughout the message, etc. Tell ur friend to pre register. They just do that to get her/his contact info. Ur friend does not even have to pay anything at first. Then, get all the info he/she needs, then he/she can make the decision whether to try it or not.
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    Shinyfeet...I'm going there at the end of the year too and plan to stay for the holidays It's nice to hear from you, sure we could keep in touch...How's your studies so far? It's a bit tough don't you think? The tests were hard, but I think it's a good preparation to NCLEX-PN. Where are you going for the clinicals?
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    to say its hard is an understatement. im going crazy. just make sure u have a lot of references when u read/study. if u need help, just holla. STUDY HARD!
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    Shinyfeet...You are so right! There's so much reading to do and I'm going crazy co'z my 2nd quarter finals is approaching. Hope we meet during clinicals...Good Luck!
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    jaycee77 and shinyfeet:

    I am in my 2nd quarter right now....im so glad i found people who are also in the program...i was in doubt at first....i wasn't sure if they really are accredited but i got to meet Ms. **** in person and that was enough proof for me....pls let me know how clinicals go for you guys...im going there in a couple months and i would like to know about your experience so i can prepare myself....thanks so much!
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    Hello everyone. This school is accredited here in the US. I just graduated from this school also. My friends have already passed the nclex and now all practicing as LPN in TEXAS. Good luck to you guys.
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    how was your clinical experience?? and did you go for 2 months or 3 months? how did you prepare for the nclex? and how soon did you take it after graduation? sorry if im asking too many questions....heheh
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    hi babybear,
    im in my 2nd quarter. how are u doing with ur studies? when r u going 4 ur clinicals? how did u meet Mrs. ****? i might go in the philippines at the end of this year.
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    hi shinyfeet!

    im in my 3rd! it's really hard!!! thank god i have my mom and sister to help me (both nurses).....i met mrs. *** when she visited here in illinois....her daughter is a close friend of my mom and she showed us all the certificates and licenses etc so im confident that they are accredited...im planning to go in september hopefully, i think it's 2 or 3 months but im taking the nclex review when i come back because they say it takes one month....i don't think i can stay in the phils. for that long....well goodluck to us!!
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