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for updates to nurses bound to MOH-libya 2012.... Read More

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    hi..i will be arriving soon in Tripoli under MOH..I will be flying alone and have some jitters as well...I am an ex saudi for more than 10yrs and just grabbed this salary offer wisely..Rightnow, i am feeling some confusions not with the hospital and contract but how is Libya will be treating me in terms of its peace and order..Would anyone can give me support and concern to finally push through of going to Libya? Am i going to take a risk or just keep my cool coz i will be arriving there safely...I havent heared anything from my emails no nothing...Please anyone....thanks...

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    Go to facebook and search for libya moh 2012. Also read some post of users in concorde bound to libya... that there were nurses kidnap and taken hostages. icannot confirm thou. Hope all is well. I have withrawn my app.
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    Quote from nursejoe15
    for updates to nurses bound to MOH-libya 2012.
    I just want to ask what agency should i apply with family status? Thanks
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    hello guys, these threads really help me alot. i am still planning to apply.
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    Guys, I am new to applying in abroad so please help me. Is Fil-sino still hiring male nurses bound to Libya? I am really interested in applying.
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    Your welcome to Libya i think there is no problem to work as nurse here
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    Is there any hiring today especially male nurses bound for Libya?
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    Hi JLLandero I am a Anaesthetist from India.I recently got a offer from Tripoli Medical Centre. Can I consider the job?How is the present scenario there?Is it safe and secure?How is the cost of living?
    Is there a 3G service in Libya?
    Are there any incidence where expatriate medical staff are targeted by militant groups?
    Can I send my whole salary back home or is there any limit like certain amount must be spend there in Libya itself?Are there any supermarkets?Is the electricity supply ok or there are any power cuts?Any english medium schools?Can the MOH all off sudden terminate the contract and ask us to leave the country?
    How is the government will it be stabilized?Awaiting your reply?
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    Manpower Services Inc.
    27-A Rainbow St., Bricktown Subd., Moonwalk Vill.,
    Parañaque City, Philippines

    4th May, 2013
    Dear ********
    I would like to sincerely thank you for selecting me for the job of Operator/Mechanic
    Welder/Fabricator in your company at Rawi Dairy Product.

    I thank you once again for giving me the opportunity to prove my mettle and would
    Like to reassure you of my sincerity and dedication. I am sure I would not disappoint
    You and I eagerly look forward to joining the company at the earliest.
    Thank you very much sir,


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    helo I'm applying in HOPEWELL Overseas Manpower in Malate I'm in the process of interview this June 13, but I saw their agency in POEA website it's in PREVENTIVE SUSPENSION status , should I continue to my scheduled interview? I'm a bit hesitant now, I'm trying to contact POEA regarding this with my friend now...

    in STB-DJL they required us to bring our original passport on the interview day,
    (so no chance of apply to another agency right? )they will return the passport on the same day if you are not chosen by the employer otherwise your passport will not be return if you are selected , is this okay?
    ... any advise co-nurses?
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