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Good day fellow nurses... Im one of those who are also desperately looking for a job for a nurse position.. from other threads, i have read about this newly built hospital.. im interested to apply, but are they still accepting... Read More

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    Brilliant Filipino system. Sorry to hear your story.

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    can somebody post here what are the specific requirements needed by cmhmc? please.. thanks in advance
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    i am also very interested about having a job in manila. it would be a new working experience for me. i want to apply to at commonwealth hospital and medical center. hoping to have a positive feedback from other nurses who know where to pass the requirements. thanks guys and hoping to work with you all soon god bless
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    where to apply? please give some details on how we can contact the institution itself. thank you and more power.
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    hi charles,
    wanted to have a job in manila for the longest time ever since i graduated in one of the nursing schools here in cebu. can you please help me find some nursing hospitals there? thank you so much.
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    hi Gwen!i also graduated in one of the universities in Cebu!its hard to find a job here in Manila especially us(nurses).my tip for you is just stay there in Cebu and's easier me.
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    Nursing Jobs at Commonwealth Hospital and Medical Center

    Pre-employment Requirements:
    Letter of Intent Addressed to
    Engr. Ricardo S. Anastacio, C.E.
    Human Resource Director

    Updated Curriculum Vitae/ Resume
    College diploma
    Transcript of Records
    Certificate of employment from previous employer
    Board Rating
    Board Certificate
    PRC License
    IV Training Certificate
    Basic Life Support Certificate
    Advanced Cardiac Life Support Certificate
    Standard First Aid Training Certificate

    Note: Requirements should be compile in a long white folder with colored green plastic cover.
    Source: Whimsical Life

    Source "Nurse Germz":
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    Try Chong Hua Hospital in Cebu, don't go here in Manila...

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