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Hello guys :) I'm currently having a survey on how to get into this hospital. Any idea?Responses would be so helpful :D kudos!... Read More

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    Quote from yeng_27
    What are the requirements to pss at the HR and are they accepting volunteer or staff nurse right now? And when are you going to pass?
    Quote from shehehehehe
    Hi.... when did you had your training at world citi? did you pay? and may I know what is their hiring procedure? How long did you wait before they called you to volunteer? thanks thanks in advance =)

    Hi..I had my training yr.2009..and yes I paid for my training,and after a month they called me to take the exam..luckily I passed..(.its a plus if youre an IV therapist also but dont necessarily have to)..and then the interview process will follow..Its ok,no need to say thank you Im just trying to help....

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    They will be having a training this april 16, My friend got a text from them. I'm still waiting for their text though and I'll be contacting them tomorrow to follow up.
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    How did your friend applied for the training?

    What were the process he/she went through.

    When did he/she submitted his/her requirement?

    I passed my requirements last week but no invitations yet to take exam by the HR.

    The guard said to me to just leave my requirements with her, so I did.

    When did you submit your requirements?
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    My friend and I passed at the same time around January. We just left our credentials at the guard station. She just had her exam and interview early today. We haven't spoken to each other yet. I actually called their office this morning, the HR personnel told me that my credentials are already lined up and i just have to wait for their text. She asked for my name though. I think you have to wait, because they have a bulk of credentials to process to. ^_^ Try metropolitan hospital near bambang, I heard they are currently hiring and UST will also have a MS training this August. Sign up early, so you will be included. ^^
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    Thank you for responding to my questions. As what I've read in other threads here, they say that Metropolitan usually hire nurses who speak Chinese. Hmmm. But nevertheless, I may give it a try as well... I called UST yesterday and asked for a spot in their waiting list. I belive the HR already listed me but she also said I need to go there personally to confirm my reservation. I'm getting little bit frustrated now because I still don't have any kind of work experience and on April 12, I'll be celebrating my 1st anniversary of being a bum. Anyway, good luck to all of us unemployed nurses! Ours will come not long from now, I hope.
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    You're welcome. I have an exam and interview tomorrow at WCMC. Like what i told you, i called them in the afternoon, and around 4 i received a text. I think you should try calling them too. ^^

    Don't loose hope, I'm actually a 2008 graduate. I had trainings before, then after that, i chose not to pursue nursing anymore. I actually turned down some opportunities (like to be hired in a prestigious hospital) before. I had a major change of plan, unfortunately, i wasn't able to get what i wanted earlier last year. Now I'm going back to my nursing profession because i missed it. lol. So just keep on searching! Matthew 7:7 ^_^ God Bless to all of us. Keep on praying.
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    Thank you colleague! Actually I was planning to call them earlier but I realized that it has just been a week since I passed my application. Well, who knows... My last chance to be in April's training will probably be tomorrow coz next week is Holy Week. So even if I'm not yet ready, I'll try to call them. Whew, I've been reading my notes for quite sometime now but nothing seems to be absorbed, honestly. Hahaha... BTW, have you already spoke with your friend about the exam and interview there? Were the topics about nursing or is it just like a psych test and personality interview?... I think I haven't read anything about WCMC employment process here.

    Best of Luck to you nash11!
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    Did you call them? My friend didn't say anything at all. I had my exam and interview earlier today. You have to study nursing topics. It was really hard. There's an IQ test too and interview. So be ready. ^^
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    I called them today but they just said for me to just wait for their text. :spin:
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    hi just wanna ask is there a chance for you to get hired after the training?

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