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Training and Hiring Process in World Citi Medical Center? - page 7

Hello guys :) I'm currently having a survey on how to get into this hospital. Any idea?Responses would be so helpful :D kudos!... Read More

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    Hi. Is there anyone here who has already been called for exam and interview for the next training?
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    Hi, I took the exam last June 5. I just had my interview this morning, I think it's just for formality because before the interview started we were advised that if we're interested we can pay the training fee of 5,500 at the accounting office right away in full, no installments allowed lol, there were 14 who were interviewed and some of them took the exam last May. The training will start on 2nd week of August, I'm still thinking if I will grab this opportunity..
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    Hi curiositywins11. I also took the exam last June 5 as well as the interview last Friday. I am taking this opportunity cause I need bedside experience in a hospital.
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    Hi guys! New nurse here! Just want to ask, how was the interview like? And which hospital is better? World Citi or Cardinal Santos? Thank you!
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    Hello guys! Is world citi mdicl center in qc stil conducting IVT training ds march?pls reply
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    @anj nurse, BSN Yes they do have IVT training this March 23-25. I dont know if they have slots left.
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    Hi guys is it still 6 months+ waiting after training to be a nurse floater? Thank you!
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    Hi everyone! I just called the HR of WCMC and inquired about the training. The girl I talked to said that the next training will be starting 0ct 28 which is 2 days from now. I asked if I can drop by to pass my resume and she said yes and I can also take the clinical exam if I want to. Any advice what topics might be included in the exam? Thank you!
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    Hi @nic1994 ...I also inquired about the training and she said its for 2 months. And employment is not an assurance but depends on your ranking and performance...