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share your NLE scores - page 9

Just for fun, what are your NLE scores in each of the 5 parts and how many times did you take the exam before you passed it? :yeah:... Read More

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    85,84,82,82,80.....82.60% first take, July 2010
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    my sweetie only got a 74% & will have to retake it in July
    the state that i live in here in the USA says she doesn't really need it
    just CGFNS but i know she can pass this time & will feel much better once she does

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    my December 2011 NLE score: 80, 84, 84, 81, 81= 82. 00 first take, not bad since the december 2011 nle has the lowest number of passers..
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    My December 2006 exam earned me a 84.2 score. Not bad..
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    mine's 84.80%

    and i'm proud of it...
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    I took NLE last July 2010.
    NP1= = 83
    NP2 = 83
    NP3 = 78
    NP4 = 82
    NP5 = 85
    Total = 82
    It's weird for me. I don't have point something rating in all parts.
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    I took the June 2009 NLE and it was my first take. For the tests I only remember that I got an 87% on test 5 and my average score was 80.4%. Could have done better since I didn't review so much but no use in regretting the time I should have spent studying.
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    mine's 81.
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    Took NLE last June 2007. Got no grade lower than 80 in 5 tests. Highest was NP2 at 87%.

    General Ave 83.60%
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    I took the July 2010 NLE, 1 take only..hehe..

    NP 1- 85%
    NP 2- 82%
    NP 3- 80%
    NP 4- 80%
    NP 5- 81 %

    Ave: 81.80%

    Well im a bit frustrated because my target grade was 85% but who cares anyways..hehe..what matters is i can still apply for AFP Nurse Corps..^____^

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    I am a July 2010 NLE passer.

    NP 1-86
    NP 2-87
    NP 3-82
    NP 4-79
    NP 5-80
    Ave- 82.80%

    Happy and thankful=)
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    i took mine '07. cant remember my grades on each test but i got 82 point something.