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Just for fun, what are your NLE scores in each of the 5 parts and how many times did you take the exam before you passed it? :yeah:... Read More

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    June 2012 NLE 86-81-84-80-85 83.2%
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    Hi my co filipinos. I just have a quick question regarding renewing of license. Im here at Delaware right now working as a cna while trying to get my license done and my license will gonna expired on july next year and i dont know if i can get vacation by nextyear. So my question is can one of my relatives inthe philippines renew my license by nextyear? Hope to hear some answers from you guys.
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    June 2012: 85, 79, 81, 83, 83= 82.2% I am very satisfied with my rating. It was more that i could ever ask for! It is really overwhelming to know that I almost made it to top 10. To God be the glory!

    Quote from skydaren
    June 2012 NLE 86-81-84-80-85 83.2%
    Cheers! Very good rating! Congrats, colleague )
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    December 201182 86 86 80 82 = 83.20%
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    June 2009 85.40%

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