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Just for fun, what are your NLE scores in each of the 5 parts and how many times did you take the exam before you passed it? :yeah:... Read More

  1. by   paulo.rn

    total of 80 percent... took the exam in 2008... without enrolling in famous and expensive review centers.
  2. by   mizafiro18
  3. by   ned1968
    75.00% just what the government (PRC) asked from us.

    I really thanked God for my score.
  4. by   msunday16
    I cant remember the grades I got from each test. But I got 75% all in all. Lol!
    At least I proved to myself that I know something from the first year I went to nursing till board exam! hehe!!
  5. by   zmer
    mine is 71,81,86,81,84 ...and I got an average of 80.6 (PNLE july 2011)
  6. by   spongebob6286
    is the general average to pass is 75? so even if u got below 75 in any subject, as long as your gen ave is 75, you will pass?
  7. by   mikeru22
    Quote from spongebob6286
    is the general average to pass is 75? so even if u got below 75 in any subject, as long as your gen ave is 75, you will pass?
    Yes. The general average should be equal to or higher than 75% and the raw score in each subject should be at least 60%...if the general average is 75% but the score he got for any subject is below 60% the applicant then becomes a conditional passer. A conditional passer must retake the subject/ part of the board exam he failed within 12 months after his initial registration for the exam.

    He will be allowed to retake the exam for the specific subject/ part he failed twice. After the 2nd retake, if the score he gets is still below 60%, the applicant will then have to retake all the 5 parts of the test just like those who failed the board exam. The same thing goes for conditional passers who did not have a retake within 12 months after their initial registration.
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  8. by   Julius_Stark699
    81.4% overall.
  9. by   sunako
    81,82,83,84,80=82% damn that test 5 and test 1
  10. by   karekang
    i got 75.65% first take and I'm proud
  11. by   MissRN26
    i got 82.2%
    it's unexpected!
  12. by   frustratedRN27
    Mine was so depressing if you have experienced being my shoe. I tried to apply in a hospital in our place but the chief nurse turned me down because of my board rating who happens to be 75% flat. i don't know what happen when i took the exam. I saw some of familiar faces working on that hospital and I know their performances going back in college. I can't imaging that they got high grades than i am. I'm not questioning their capabilities but the situation I cant explain. Its just that some hospital are really unfair, they should look at first the TOR before judging the person. If only i can retake the exam then i will. is it possible to retake the exam even if you passed it already?
  13. by   meemaos
    July, one take, 80%. Good Lord!

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