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Just for fun, what are your NLE scores in each of the 5 parts and how many times did you take the exam before you passed it? :yeah:... Read More

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    Quote from volunteernurse
    having a backer is more important than your NLE score. btw, is it possible to retake the NLE even though one was able to passed it the first try?
    ---Darn yes it is if you're too desperate...I still believe in the power of will & determination. What good would your backer do if your NLE rating is 74.80%. Oops, I'm not trying to sound arrogant or what not, I just totally feel irritated whenever I hear stories that these so called "backers" have your chances of being employed in hospitals at their fingertips regardless of your background or qualification. I have nothing against them though, that's how really it is in our country but I myself wouldn't go for it (simply because I don't know any "backers" yet LOL ).

    ---I don't think it's possible for us to retake the exam once an applicant already got a passing score.
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    wow, trying to remember my score 3 years ago..

    well my general score is 82.8, my highest score is TEST V at 87%--psch-- my lowest is 79 i think but i can't remember what Subtest..Overall i'm good
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    83- 80-77-7785...ahayz,took board last dec 07,, pass some moh exam like moh kuwait , oman and uae and HAAD exam...
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    Mine is 83.8% ( 89-83-84-83-80 )
    Well, that is something i should be proud of... however those scores didnt land me any job.. im still unemployed after passing the 07 nle...
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    I'm 82 on the 2008 NLE exam. I wasn't able to sleep on day 1 of the exam lol
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    dec 2008


    Prayed for two things: either to be a topnotcher or to have an average score of line of 8. God gave me more although i wasn't a topnotcher. I was given a line of 8 in all tests. Thank God!
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    Lucky are those who got a grade of 80+, but for me those are digits only...We are politically inclined, that's too bad..

    Eventhough you got a higher scores that's useless, what we need to do is to give our best in all aspects.. We need to find ways of how we could avail trainings and seminars, that would be a big help..And the most powerful thing is prayer...

    I could say, I'm the unlucky one..until now I don't have any experience..
    Good luck to us!!
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    Quote from jannele angela
    84.00% NLE (November2008) first take.... ranked 22nd place.
    i got 83.8%, so does that mean that i ranked 23th place?
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    86, 85, 83, 80, 85 Ave:83.8 nov 08
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    july 2010. 87,86,82,80,79. general average: 82.80

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