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Hello there. Im a fresh RN and no license yet. But im scheduled to get it on the last week of November. I just wanna know if I still have to wait to have my prc license on my hand before I can pass... Read More

  1. by   nurse_ram
    how was the interview, what are the question they usually ask. i am referring about NCH. ty
  2. by   nurse_ram
    Quote from NurseM015
    The names qualified for interview were posted at their nursing training office. If i remember it right the next batch will be on the 5th and then 6th. Anyways, i'm done with the interview! God is good! It was a fun experience for a first timer like me. 'twas more of 'tell me about yourself' indeed.
    how was the interview is that really necessary to be there at your time of interview? i am having conflict with the sched. ty
  3. by   NurseM015
    Quote from iampinaynurse
    Wow! Nice to hear that u did great on your interview! Congratulations! i'll txt my friend who's currently under the rnheals program of nch to look after the list! haha! anyway, pray hard and He'll give the desire of your heart!
    Hope to see each other around! God bless!
  4. by   NurseM015
    Quote from nurse_ram
    how was the interview is that really necessary to be there at your time of interview? i am having conflict with the sched. ty
    i guess so? because at around 9 they did make a rollcall, maybe checking if everybody on the list is already there. Question is around telling about yourself, im just not sure if it went the same for the others who were interviewed
  5. by   NurseM015
    goodluck nurse_ram!
  6. by   nurse_ram
    Quote from NurseM015
    goodluck nurse_ram!
    thank you NurseM015. one more question how many are you in a batch?
  7. by   NurseM015
    I'm just not sure with that nurse_ram. sorry.
  8. by   pinkhappy
    aww unfortunately, i didnt make it. Backer system is very strong! do you know hospital that have a training with allowance? ty
  9. by   mikeru22
    Any updates? who among you were included in the list of successful applicants? Which hospitals will you be deployed? I'm still waiting for NCMH.
  10. by   inamaganda
    They will call/ text you.
  11. by   MikeeMikes26
    how are RNHEALS 4 Nurses doing? just to let you guys know, I was among the trainees who completed the training at NCMH. It was fun, exciting and full of learning. I love Psych Nursing and being able to join the training at NCMH made me love it even more. Too bad though because they didn't have any openings by the time I finished the training so I got hired somewhere else as an M/S Nurse. How you guys?

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