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Philippine General Hospital - page 15

hi! is PGH open for basic skills training for 2010? Thank you for the replies!!! God bless you!... Read More

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    Hi! When will be the next scheduled NPE? Thanks!
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    The next schedule for PGH NPE is on Nov 22, 2013. Goodluck!
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    Anyone know when is the Basic Nursing Program Training for Nurses this 2014?

    Thanks in advance. =D
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    Hi, would to know how would i qualify to the basic nursing training program mentioned above?

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    hello! does anyone of you had an idea of what happen in a "panel interview" in Phil. General Hopsital?thanks
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    Quote from welynliboon
    hello! does anyone of you had an idea of what happen in a "panel interview" in Phil. General Hopsital?thanks

    Hello welynliboon. Panel Interview is an interview conducted by the unit managers of PGH. I had mine in 2011, there were 8-10 unit managers and most of them took turn asking me questions. Most of the questions they asked me were personal questions (the usual tell me something about yourself stuff). I was also asked how my job that time (which was a call center agent) relates to nursing, which I explained pretty well by relating the call handling procedures to the nursing process.

    Unfortunately, I didn't follow up on my application after that because I joined the RNHEALS program and eventually became a staff nurse in a different hospital. I was lucky though I wasn't asked any clinical questions. Some of my batchmates in the panel interview were asked about nursing procedures, laboratory values and diseases.