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Did anyone try to apply to this program?? I just had my application last February 14, and now I really want to know if I pass. Does anyone know how? Thanks in advance!:)... Read More

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    Quote from princess choi
    just a simple and brief interview. Maybe you should review a little about what will you really do as philheath cares staff. and expect a heavy traffic tomorrow if you are from NCR so go there earlier..
    it's 10 am now and my interview is at 1pm i'll update you later princess choi...thanks alot. a relief when you said that there is no exam.haha. i've been reviewing their policies.

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    just had an interview at philhealth ncr and i think rizal area. according to them there are 2000 applicants from ncr alone and from 2000 they chose only 200 for interview. they chose those with 80 and above average. then from 200, only 78 will be chosen.

    I was interviewed by the handsome *****. He's cute . well he didn't ask much.he just explained the program that there will be a ten day training and that is the 1st and last interview. he said, they will text us if we pass next week or a week after. he didn't ask much,he kept on talking and i was just there nodding as if i am really understanding what he says.haha.hope i pass.
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    tnx for the info sarah, i Am scheduled for interview tomorrow.. I just want to ask, what did you think is their basis then in choosing those 78 since they don't ask much in the interview... Also did you pass your resume?
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    Just got interviewed earlier. Most of the questions asked to me was some current situation in the country. From the 173 screened applicants for interview they will only get 78 out of it. I just hope i can make... Let's all pray
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    current situation??? hmmm dont tell me regarding the impeachement of CJ corona? wahahaha...
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    Mayrenissa tnx for the info.. may i ask if u pass you resume or any other documents before or after your interview? thanks
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    chard101, i didn't. all resume are printed out by them. Most of the question asked to me is regarding current nursing situations. like the unemployment of almost 500k nurses. etc.
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    Anyone got Updates if they hired applicants already?

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