hi..can i ask somebody here, have an idea about the training in ospital ng maynila or anybody who have been an experiences there.please share your experiences:)..sharing your experience is very much... Read More

  1. by   mrmiyagi
    any updates in ospital ng maynila? are they still accepting volunteers/trainees?

    how long do i get a slot or start training after i have submitted my requirements? thanks.
  2. by   lochia_alba
    Can I ask for a favor? Is there anyone there who could kindly PM to me the contact number of Nursing Training Office 0f Osital ng Maynila? I lost the notebook where I put it, I need to follow up my application... I need your kind help.. THANK YOU! =)
  3. by   johnarigo_31
  4. by   lochia_alba
    Got the number of OMMC, Thank you sooooo much to those who helped.. =)
  5. by   johnarigo_31
    Ospital ng Maynila (OM) accepts volunteer nurses for free.
    Here are the requirements:

    Intent Letter addresses to the Hospital Director,
    Photocopy of Credentials

    Just passed my requirements last 23rd of March, and asked me to follow up after 2 weeks.
    Hope this helps.

    GOD Bless to all of US!

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  6. by   RNinterrupted
    hello im also planning to apply there, (ospital ng maynila) to whom did you address your leeter of intent ?tnx po
  7. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from RNinterrupted
    hello im also planning to apply there, (ospital ng maynila) to whom did you address your leeter of intent ?tnx po
    Just a reminder that as per Terms of service we request that names are not posted on the site. Please exchange via the pm system
  8. by   manika19
    can some one pm me also the name of the hospital director whom the letter of intent in addressed to
  9. by   ingrid1213
    guys update lang, for those scheduled on may 10 it was moved on may 11 kasi election daw....
  10. by   ingrid1213
    guys, training will start on may 11 instead of may 10 kasi election daw...
  11. by   RNinterrupted
    hey can you pm to me the name of the hospital director and if you have the chief nurse name better.. tnx tnx tnx God Bless you!
  12. by   RNinterrupted
    hello.. hey to whom did you address the letter of intent? can you pls pm to me their names. i need to finish all my requirements b4 going there in manila... tnx tnx tnx in advance.. GOd Bless po!
  13. by   manika19
    can somehow give me direction on how to go to Ospital ng maynila
    im coming from Quezon Ave.