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    Hi. I'm a retaker. I graduated last 2008. After I took NLE and did not passed, I was discouraged to take a new exam. Since then, I became a businesswoman. But today, I realized that a part of me is missing. I knew to myself that I really loved nursing. I've decided to take a board exam next year. But I have doubts if I could make it because 9 years had already passed. I really don't know where to start. Any tips for me.... What is the best review center as of now? Any books? Any suggestions? I need help... Thank you... God bless us all...
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  3. by   Kim_shin
    Hi, I also plan to go back to nursing.

    First, I recommend that you finalize your decision. Weigh the pros and cons. Then, decide with both your head and your heart if you really want to go back to nursing for the right reasons.

    Next, you should find a review center that offers comprehensive review for several months. Not just a month, since you've been out of practice for 9 years. Some offers UNLIMITED review. Meaning, if you happen to fail NLE, you can review with them again and again until you pass for no additional fee! I reviewed in Carl Balita back in college and was fortunate to pass. My classmates who failed the first time reviewed with them again and they honored the unlimited review. I don't know if they still offer this. I'm not endorsing them and there may be better review centers and promos nowadays.

    You could also join Nursing groups in facebook. Then, you can also make a post to ask other nurses and nursing students for advice.

    Once you pass NLE, I also recommend that you join Intravenous therapy trainings (IV insertion, IV push and blood transfusion) or any trainings related to drugs computation as that is the most critical thing in practice. You could forego this and just apply for a teaching and training hospital but this may help with your confidence. I plan to apply in one as I've been out of practice for 5 years.

    Good luck to us both and I wish you the best! <3