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    HI everyone, I wento to madocs to pass my reqts. for training, they gave me list of reqts. but then I saw that I also have to pass a chest x-ray. so my question is anyone pass their reqts. in madocs training, do we really have to give x-ray already??isn;t that you give it after you have been chosen? I mean from what I know they will still pick from the number of applicants. Thank you

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    Hi Ar-en can i ask, if i may, the reqt's for Manila doctors in applying for staff nurse?
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    Hi Ar-en, did you pass the requirements and at the same time paid the fee for the training? Do they have an initial screening test too? Thanks!
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    Hi Ar-en! How much is the training fee? And for how many months?
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    if you're applying for the staff nurse position, you're not gonna pass your reqts. in the nursing office, you'll pass it in kalaw. something I forgot, its just a walk away from the hospital. you can ask the security the guards, as for the reqts. the last time I passed mine. I just gave my resume and they let me sign-in in their computer. I just read the other forum about madocs and That's what I did . BTW i think the last entry in the forum they're processing the 2010 graduate first. you can look for the older topic about madocs so you can have more info.
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    No, I went there and ask for the reqts. because when you call them, they won't really give you the reqts. you'll be told to just go to the hospital which I think annoying, so yeah they gave me the list and I'm lacking two reqts. which is the application letter to be address to the nursing director and a chest x-ray reslt. I just left and wasn't able to pass my reqts. since it'll be incomplete, I was expecting the reqts. would be the usual reqts. but it wasn't. so yeah, d'you think we ought to pass a chest x-ray result?? I'm not sure with the initial screening, but I guess there is? you can check the old topic about madocs. btw are you planning to pass in madocs also?? thanks
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    hi ems01 i'm not sure with everything you ask, but I guess it's for 3 mos. and maybe the training fee is about 5-6k. AGAIN i'm not sure. please check the old topic about madocs there you'l see a lot of information . I myself doesn't know a lot about the training ee
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    I am also planning to have a training there.I will go there maybe tommorow. May I know if you pass the req.,do u have to pay the training fee and take a test that day or the test will be scheduled and you will only pay if you get accepted.Thanks!
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    hi raidentheripper, please do update me if you go there. No I did not pass my reqts. YET cause i'm lacking some reqts. if you don't mind. can you ask the person in the nursing office if we can pass the chest xray next time. I mean don't they have to pick from the applicants first, before asking for a chest xray or any medical clearance. thanks
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    Ok,I will. Do you know if we have to pay right then when we pass the requirements?

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