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hello!:wavey: Can anyone tell me how long does it take to process an application in Makati Medical Center? Because Im planning to submit my resume this month of november... And are there any special requirements that i need... Read More

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    I heard that some will already be having their final interview. Goodluck guys!
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    Quote from reshin
    6 months is the probationary period since your batch will be a direct hire but within those 6 months, there would be 1 -2 months of training since all will be new to the processes of MMC but the difference between this upcoming batch and previous batches is that this upcoming batch would not need to pay anything and they would already be paid for their services. PLUS since this batch will be a DIRECT HIRE and makati med DOES NOT HIRE in Nov and Dec and to top that there are still previous CETNs that are not yet hired, I am guessing that interviews may happen in Nov or Dec but the upcoming batch will most probably start by Jan or Feb. Once again, these are just my speculations and we will be more enlightened once the upcoming batch will have their interviews. Goodluck to all
    Interviews are already starting. Goodluck to all applicants!
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    Quote from Rinkishikika
    no contractual or probationary period? you mean you will be a regular employee once you finished CETN?
    As far as I know, MMC does a contractual hiring. But as I was told, after CETN, you will be assured of a position. But we all are not sure of this because the current batch of applicants are undergoing a different process compared to the old batches
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    Quote from manyeeka
    Does MMC still accept applications? I want to go there but I want to be sure whether they will accept or not. I don't want to phone the HRD 'cause I often experience that they say no through phone call but still accept walk-in application.

    RN heals batch 3 will be finished by December due to lack of funds.

    Please enlighten me.. Any reply to my inquiry will be a great help. Thanks in advance...
    My friend called the HR just yesterday or was it the other day. And as of now, they have stopped accepting applications. They will be accepting applicants after 2 weeks but I think those applicants aren't part of the current batch anymore
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    does anyone here already had their final interview?

    how was it?
    I'm nervous.. i'm already done with my PE so i'll be scheduled for an interview soon...

    an insight on how it would be like would ease up my nerves a bit.. hehe
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    a friend of mine is already scheduled for her final interview this Friday. she finished her PE last week. I hope i get contacted next week too, i'll be completing my PE this week.
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    Quote from PHLnurse
    Just to share an experience.

    First. The medical exam costs roughly P12,000+ for each applicant (All expense paid by Makati Med) so I HIGHLY BELIEVE that if you were asked to do your medical exam already, there is 99% chance that you're already in for direct hiring. That's one of the things my tito (a surgeon working there for 20+ years already) told me. He's pretty familiar with all these processes. After all, it makes sense. Makati Med won't shoulder that much money for one person if they wouldn't hire him/her.

    Second. Some HR are really strict when it comes to where you came from. I was with one person who came from (let's just say one of the Top 3 performing schools). I asked her when she passed her resume, TOR, board rating. She told me yesterday. I was shocked because I passed mine more than 1 week ago before I was called. So I thought maybe she had a backer. So I asked her how it happened. She told me that when she passed her resume, the HR told her "Taga (insert school here) ka pala? Pwede ka for interview tomorrow?" And obviously, she automatically said yes. So she was included in our batch right away. She's not a topnotcher, Cum Laude or whatsoever. So I must really say, they are really picky with schools. If you're not in the Top 10 nursing schools, or not from Makati Med College of Nursing, SOME HRs would really prioritize the others.
    hi! really? 12000+, that's a lot to spend on each applicant. What's been bothering me is that we were specifically told by the interviewer that going through the medical exams isn't an assurance of a spot in MMC. Then one of the nurses there told me that MMC has a lot of funds so it wouldn't hurt them if some applicants won't make it to the final cut. But wouldn't it hurt the business itself spending that much on an applicant that they wouldn't eventually hire?
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    The physical exam cost 8000 plus. They are very strict with the results of your PE and lab exams, all results should be normal. By the way PE is shouldered by the hospital but once you get hired and didnt finish your contract they will ask you to pay that 8000plus.
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    Quote from jay21
    does anyone here already had their final interview?how was it? I'm nervous.. i'm already done with my PE so i'll be scheduled for an interview insight on how it would be like would ease up my nerves a bit.. hehe thanks!
    It depends on the set of panelist, its more on personal questions and basic nursing question that would test your critical thinking. Some would ask for pathophysiology, so be prepared. Goodluck!
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    Hello guys..i submited my resume last sept will be the 2nd wk by tomorow but still no txt from mmc regrding exam and interview..i think i had to keep my hopes low now..but hopefuly theyd still contact me..

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