looking for a nursing school for 2nd degree courser

  1. I am a US citizen who earned my previous degree back in the Philippines. I am now a fil-am and seriously looking for a nursing school which will give credits to my former degree and will let me finish nursing at least in a span of 2-3 years. It's been five years since I haven't back in P.I. and I am hearing about nursing to be a 5-year program now for students who are coming fresh in college and 3 years for 2nd degree courser. I am not sure of this info., that's why I am to get more inputs from u fellow kababayans.
    I have made up my mind and I am going back there to go back to school and pursue a nursing degree. So now, I am looking for a legitmate, good nursing school that accepts second degree courser and will my credit at least my general education subjects in my previous diploma. pls help me with your inputs. anywhere in the Philippines i will consider if i can get it much quicker with a good quality of school. Thanks so much!
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  3. by   dibuh0
    good quality schools like feu, ceu, uerm, ust -- they dont accept 2nd courser.. you have to start from scratch.. but some average schools like lanting, perpetual, pchs, st jude, unciano , de ocampo, metropolitan etc.. -- they accept 2nd course and will credit your other subjects.
  4. by   cocojam
    im also a second courser and will start my first sem first year at manila doctors college, though they credit all my minors from my previous course, im still taking it at 4 years coz most of the major subjects have pre-requisite, that's why my first sem is only 12 units since most of minors were credited, and i cant get subjects from the second sem coz its not offered yet. i chose manila doctor's college over pwu which is tri-sem, coz of its good reputation and good facilities.
  5. by   chabibo
    Hi there! I am a graduate of BS Biology at the University of Santo Tomas and decided to take BS Nursing a year after to join the bandwagon of nurses in the Philippines. I took my second degree at The Family Clinic Inc. - Colleges quite popular for their course BS Radiologic Technology (100% passing rate with topnotchers yearly). They accept second coursers and credit almost all subjects and their equivalent. They also offer all the subjects every semester including summer so that no one may be left behind say for example you failed one subject, which in some schools you have to wait for that same semester to enroll that subject. I took my degree for 2 years and I can say it's very affordable yet at par with other schools that offer nursing. I already work as a staff at UP-PGH for 3 years and I can say this job and profession is very rewarding (not in monetary means but in all humanitarian aspects).

    Try calling +63 (2) 731-29-01 for inquiries.
  6. by   Meagan13
    H I wanted to ask you guys if somebody is in the same position as me, I am considering going back to the Phil to pursue nursing, I had a previous degree in the Phil and wondering if how many more yrs. do I have to study to have a BSN, I also wanted to know what are the good school somewhere in visayas, since I will be renting a place and I think it is much cheaper there compare to the Luzon area but I'm also open for any suggestions that you might have.I heard some school have age restrictions, I'm 38 yrs. OldI am a dual citizen, Fil-am, please let me know what are the exams I have to take, if there is any, in the Phil before taking Nclex? Thank you so much . . .
  7. by   Meagan13
    Hi, does anybody know of a good school in Dumaguety City? I'm planning on going to school there, also I heared about this concurrency stuff, they said that theory should be done at the same time as clinicals or else one is not eligible to take Nclex, is is true? Please help. I will be coming back to Texas when I graduate hopefully. I'm a dual citizen, Fil am, do I have to take the NLE before going back to the states, any advice is very much appreciated, thanks...
  8. by   zanedee
    I graduated in capitol medical center college and they offer great clinical experiences and the dean is very accomodating as well. I'm certain they can entertain you.