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    The reason why those things are happening.... "it's Free Libya" --- thus they feel they can do anything... everything they wanted. It's like they have been kept in a cage for so long they ought to get wild just to burst out their bottled feelings after 42 years.

    Sad to say too about the recent report of a British ambassador and his convoys being blasted by an RPG.

    Well... I will stress out again... LIBYA HAS NO NURSING COUNCIL. Libya is not a member of the GCC. If you have more than 3 years of hospital paid experience, go to Qatar under Hamad Corp or MOH Kuwait where salary offer is much higher. Or you can even apply in Australia, UK or NZ.

    I will admit though that I do love Libya as a place to be because of the simple living. However experience wise especially for nurses? Not so.

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    i do know that..libya is not that kind of country esp for nurses but the reality dictate me to atleast try my new venture..salary is good and i do need to change my working environment. i am motivated to work until 2020 if god is willing. i am also planning to work australia but my application is not yet issue is the main thing. in here..i recieve atleast 50k pesos and that can help me to continue my application..god bless to all nurses who applied to libya moh....theres a good fortune waiting for us......pray and have faith,...thanks to you jllandero
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    Hopefully you will really receive the amount of 50k. Because based on our experience, the ones in contract are not exactly what it was meant to be.

    By the way, are you in Benghazi or in Tripoli? There are Christian, Catholic and INC churches there and we are open to practice our faith. And umm... bring your uniforms and duty shoes with you. You might also wanna bring a jacket. If you will be deployed by September - March, it'll be the winter season in Libya
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    Can I please remind everyone as per the Terms of Service of the site to post only in English. I have deleted a couple of posts because they violated the Terms of Service
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    i am in tripoli and hopefully there are churches there. i hope what transcribe in our contract is the exact amounth theyll give. thank you for the infos. this is really a big help. i always bring jacket with me..i also work in saudi before. can i ask? is there any ukay ukay store there or caterpillar shop/ merrill?...
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    i understand that libya offers low salary but i want this to be my stepping stone. i hope to cross country, God-willing. i believe that it's easy to cross country in libya... the contract offered to me is on 935 LD... i hope i can manage to have savings and help my family here... before i went for interview, i did researches on libya and based on the articles i read, libya is a very simple place to live... bdw, sir JLLandero, is it easy to teach nursing in libya... i read from an article that they offer 2000-4000 LD per month... i just dont know if it's true... what matters for me now is to leave the Philippines and venture outside... 30 000 Php per month in libya i guess is far better thatn 6k-8k/month here in the philippines... you can only earn 12k-18k/month if you are more than ten years in service... carl-marimar, just text me if u'r in libya... hehehe... ..
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  7. 0 can add me up @ my fb if its ok. i am also planning to teach nursing since i have my masteral. that is quiet imprressive to know that you did ur homework. they offered me 1200 ld from filsino. i am happy to know it coz my salary in saudi is almost half to which they offered now. i hope that our new journey will be under the blessings of our lord jesus. godbless ur all...
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    There are churches in Tripoli. I know there are a lot of ukay2/retail shops at Benghazi. Probably also in Tripoli.

    For clinical instructors and english professors, what they offer is 4,000LD - 6,000LD. That would also depend on the length of your experience as a CI, plus whether you have MAN or PhD. And the CI's that I know of in Benghazi only has 24 hours teaching duty PER WEEK. The placement fee though ranges also from that amount
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    thanks for the info JLLandero... are you saying that we cannot practice being CI while practicing as a nurse? i hope after two years they wil hire me as clinical instructor... i also wanna ask if is it possible to have sideline jobs to augment my financial stability... thank you..
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    Welll... we were doing a lot of sideline jobs in various hospitals too when I was there. Actually, if you are under MOH contract, it is prohibited. But you still can as long as you do not let them catch you working in another hospital ^^

    As for the CI practice, since the ministry of education will be the ones to hire them, they also have specific restrictions and rules that you need to follow. And besides, while working as a nurse, and at the same time teaching in a university will quite complicate your schedule. They are teaching 4 hours everyday from Saturdays to Thursday. Friday is off. And MOH nurses need to have a 12 hours duty, 48 hours per week. During the war, the CI's were assigned to teach and conduct seminars in different MOH hospitals ^^.

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