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  1. by   mujeeb2011
    hello guys, these threads really help me alot. i am still planning to apply.
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  2. by   Jpgonz8
    Guys, I am new to applying in abroad so please help me. Is Fil-sino still hiring male nurses bound to Libya? I am really interested in applying.
  3. by   Mohaned Farhat
    Your welcome to Libya i think there is no problem to work as nurse here
  4. by   czarprince
    Is there any hiring today especially male nurses bound for Libya?
  5. by   laepng2012
    Hi JLLandero I am a Anaesthetist from India.I recently got a offer from Tripoli Medical Centre. Can I consider the job?How is the present scenario there?Is it safe and secure?How is the cost of living?
    Is there a 3G service in Libya?
    Are there any incidence where expatriate medical staff are targeted by militant groups?
    Can I send my whole salary back home or is there any limit like certain amount must be spend there in Libya itself?Are there any supermarkets?Is the electricity supply ok or there are any power cuts?Any english medium schools?Can the MOH all off sudden terminate the contract and ask us to leave the country?
    How is the government will it be stabilized?Awaiting your reply?
  6. by   edgardo cruz

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  7. by   taduL
    helo I'm applying in HOPEWELL Overseas Manpower in Malate I'm in the process of interview this June 13, but I saw their agency in POEA website it's in PREVENTIVE SUSPENSION status , should I continue to my scheduled interview? I'm a bit hesitant now, I'm trying to contact POEA regarding this with my friend now...

    in STB-DJL they required us to bring our original passport on the interview day,
    (so no chance of apply to another agency right? )they will return the passport on the same day if you are not chosen by the employer otherwise your passport will not be return if you are selected , is this okay?
    ... any advise co-nurses?
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  8. by   mikbogz
    Any update from Hopewell Agency guys if the agency is already operating or what? What happen to the query in POEA guys? Please update us. Thanks a lot.
  9. by   rn_ge
    Hi JLLandero, I really find those information helpful. I have been selected to work as Medical Staff nurse in Benghazi Medical Center. This is my first time to work overseas. What can you say about the working environment in BMC and the hospital administration in general? Thanks
  10. by   rn_ge
    Upon checking online, the agency is currently under preventive suspension by the POEA
  11. by   mishyel19
    Hi nurses! i am selected in an agency to work in benghazi city. no specific hospital yet. ho's your life there? is it safe to the city? ive searched the internet and found out that theres still killing and everything. How's the culture? Do they treat Filipino nurses well? Is libya banned to other country? tell me more about the libyan, life there, anything that u want to share. thank you. Godbless.
  12. by   mishyel19
    hi! i also applied to STB DJL. I have my passport with me. I asked if I can borrow it. They gave it back with a documentation after the interview. I am now for medical clearance. I am still undecided.
  13. by   rn_ge
    Quote from mishyel19
    hi! i also applied to STB DJL. I have my passport with me. I asked if I can borrow it. They gave it back with a documentation after the interview. I am now for medical clearance. I am still undecided.

    Hi mishyel19... While the information you have read from the web maybe true, nobody can decide whether you will go or not but yourself. Before you have applied, you should have been firm with your decision. If you have worked here and you are able to provide for yourself and family's needs, better not go. It always depends on the pressing needs. I have friends who are working there already, one a surgical Staff Nurse in Benghazi Medical Center. The situation there is not that peaceful yet but soon enough you can adapt. They said that there's no system in the healthcare there. They are wearing scrub suits of any color so better have your own as the ones that the hospital will provide is pretty bigger than Filipino size. They claim that you can really save from your salary there as their life usually revolves from house to duty.