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This issue has haunted me ever since I graduated last year. I just passed my NLE this year, took and just passed my IELTS two weeks ago and about to take my NCLEX exam this September. Passing the... Read More

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    Quote from NurseCubanitaRN2b
    Thank you for bringing my culture into the mix. Actually the Cubans aren't affected by retrogression and they don't need papers or visas to stay. Once they set foot on land then they can stay. It's totally unfair but their reasoning is "political" vs "economical" as it is for most. But unfortunately for those who came here have gotten material things have thrown it in the faces of the brothers and sisters back home. So therefore they want that stuff too. I had this conversation with my cousin born & raised in Cuba and also with her brother in law who happens to be a Filipino born and raised in the Philippines who said the exact samething when my cousin and I were talking. That's a different topic for a different forum but that was the jist of the conversation. You may have not heard or experienced that but that came from my cousins brother in law who had that experience and was sharing it with us.

    Bottom line at the moment jobs are scarce for all nurses here in the US, new, experienced, local, and international. Right now just isn't the time unfortunately.
    I am totally aware of the Cuban migration "policy". BUT, the bottom line is they want OUT of their homeland and into the USA. Be it a political or economic reason, they want a preferable way of living. But that is something that WE all try to achieve, every single one of us. As Juan de la Cruz stated, my post is just to "clarify" to you and other readers that Filipino nurses don't go home and start telling stories of how easy life is here. It is a BETTER life but not easy. My previous post already expounded on obstacles of migrating and why, I would not bore you with it anymore. However, I read your apology and accepts it as an acquiscence to my point and clarification. Hopefully, other readers would do as well.
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    To NurseCubanitaRN2b:

    no worries...I hope I wasn't too argumentative in my previous post.
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    No, not at all. I just didn't want you or the other poster to think I was attacking. Thank you both.