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Does anyone know of any institution that offers EMT training here in Manila? Thanks!:nurse:... Read More

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    when i graduated in nursing and took the NLE while waiting for the result my classmates undergone training as emt at red cross...i heard bout that but never took it seriously...now im a staff nurse at a provincial hosp. i inquire at the lsti but all the slot are taken...

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    I passed the exam and employers interview for Saudi Red Crescent Authority in an agency in Makati for EMT. Does anyone in here have an idea regarding the process of deployment? The interviewer told us that the processing will take only 2 weeks. (kinda fast)
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    Use facebook, look for the facebook group: Filipino EMS Practitioners and request to join. Recently, there were some who also passed the SRCA recruitment posting there and discussing about the deployment, working there etc. There's also members there who are already working for SRCA. goodluck!
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    Thanks for that info sir medic8..I kind of following your post here in allnurses regarding your application process at moh-sro. What hospital were you deployed??what happened to your saudi redcrescent application??(last post about it was nov2010) im kind of anxious because im caught between 2 countries. Im already processing papers for oman as an er nurse (or medic) when i got entangled with this saudi red crescent thing. The salary is twice as what oman offers. Hehehe (we were told by saudi employers that they will see us again in the next 2 weeks) hows true is that 2 weeks? For the processing (due on may15,2012) thanks..
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    Thanks sir medic8..Im now a member of that fb group..I got an answer for all my queries..INSHALLAH!!Hehehe..very helpful..
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    what was the name of agency? bcoz i passed also as RN-EMT in makati.
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    Per the terms of service, we ask that you post only in English. Thanks.
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    this comment is so much stupid ,,, maybe try to read rather than heard,, first,, there's no such thing that 17 yrs old was mentioned as a requirement in emt-b trainings,, yes.. maybe lsti is more advanced compared to other training centers... but it was stated by TESDA that 18 yrs old above can took emt course as stated and provided also by the National Registry for EMT in US,, better try to read this..NREMT - EMT-Basic / EMT,,

    it is very clear that the we were just following international standard.. and how sure you are that TESDA is substandard.. take note of this,, this is a highly respected national agency of the Philippines to regulate vocational course whom are considered professionals, has shown already and proved to the world that Filipinos are competent!!!! also it is a fact that before the national government note the efficiency of developing assessment centers for EMS NCII,, it undergoes several researches and study for improvement of Filipino competencies in emergencies "FIT" to the Filipinos that "LEVELS" international communities.... yes of course it is pushed by these private training school to create propaganda for their training centers for ""PROFIT"" motivations,,, not for the product considerations,, TESDA have shown that they make you an EMT at the same time Provide you a """WORK""" opportunity,,, HAve your training school thought about it in any way?????..
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    seriously i cant understand why the EMT community here in country is a mess, people bragging and trash talking with their respective training centers. i hope the govt will soon be the one to regulate and recognize the EMT as professionals.

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