Employment process at The Medical City (Ortigas Ave.) - page 25

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Hi guys! My application for Medical City is in progress. I'm scheduled for an examination next week. Anyone here who has passed the exam/s and interviews for Medical City? What is the exam like? Any particular topics I... Read More

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    Is anybody here also scheduled for the psych exam tomorrow??? Jan 3???
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    are they still accepting applicants? like, now? this january? thanks!
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    anyone know when will be the start of NTAP this year?
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    What if they are findings in your medical exam, will they still accept you?
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    i don't think so.. if there are findings in the medical exam, then it should be ruled out first..
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    hi yweh!Did you start already your training at The medical city?
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    When is the start of ntap?
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    what are the requirements need to bring on initial interview?
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    do you have an idea when will be the next schedule or batch of nurses for training? thanks
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