Diliman Doctors Hospital

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    Hi! Do you know where and how to apply at Diliman Doctors Hospital? It's a new hospital located along Commonwealth Avenue. The hospital is under ongoing construction as of now. Thanks in advance for your replies.

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    i have the same question, can somebody help me where and how to apply at Diliman Doctors Hospital?

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    i passed my resume and other credentials at the construction site. the guard is the one who collects all the requirements and you'll be going to fill up a piece of paper regarding your personal info. does any one of you knows when is the proposed date/year of opening of the hospital?
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    hi guys im planning to apply at DDH tomorrow. but i don't know the exact place of the construction and any landmarks near DDH. can anyone help me?
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    Hi guys what requirements can i pass here and im open in having a buddy to go there and pass just PM me
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    i think it will be a long waiting for us for diliman doctors to be operational.
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    From philcoa ride a bus or jeep going sm fairview then it's only like 1 kilometre before ever gotesco
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    Is this a tertiary hospital?
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    Quote from ems01
    Is this a tertiary hospital?
    yup! I heard it's 300 bed capacity.
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    Do they still accept resume and/or requirements at the construction site? Thanks in advance

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