Upgrade course for New RN's IEN's - page 2

I am an IEN, and registered in Ontario as RN recently, I was told thant I need take assessment course as it is required by most of employers and job application, I found the course in GB college but... Read More

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    farpadana, Do you know about gateway for international nurses? http://www.chineseprofessionals.ca/w...4.version.pdf? There are courses such as: introduction to nursing practice in Ontario and workplace culture and communication, they also offer one on one mentoring, job shadowing and job matching.

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    I am a new graduate, and I am still waiting for my CRNE results. Most of the jobs that I see posted online says that they would like an assessment course in the job description.

    Bronze 1: How did you like the assessment course from Ryerson? Would you recommend it?

    Can anyone tell me what would the difference be between the Ryerson and George Brown assessment courses?

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