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Hi all I am a UK Staff nurse currently working within an emergency department in the UK with a view to move to Canada within the next year or so, I have sent all my applications away and am... Read More

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    I agree with Jan. I am part time because I chose to stay with the line I was hired in to. I just don't want to work 40 shifts every 3 months. 40 shifts is too much, especially when our actual work day amounts to at least 12.5 hours, not 12. I also volunteer for the occasional shift, which will not get me overtime. That's fine. However, if they call last minute, then it's overtime.

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    nursesmarty, I still think it is worth pursuing taking the CRNE in Canada and finding out what else CARNA would want you to do to be able to practice in Alberta.

    I recently talked to an RN from Texas on the unit where I work (her husband got a job here) and CARNA had her take some kind of refresher clinical. She is able to work as a "graduate nurse" now, before taking her CRNE exam. My unit hired another US nurse in Calgary recently but she hasn't passed the CARNA obstacles yet or actually showed up on the unit. CARNA does not make it easy, that is for sure.

    Anyway, might as well try. It may well work out around the same time you are ready to make a move!
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    CARNA shouldn't make it easy for anyone, especially if they have foreign credentials. The same is true if I want to work in the US, Australia, or the UK. I would need to apply and meet all of their requirments. Each country, state, and Province sets the standard.
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    And yes, AHS is currently making budget cuts again. I'm looking for a job in mental health so that is what I'm hearing about, not sure what is happening in other areas. One manager said that there were different "envelopes" of funding. The envelope for the new South Health Campus in Calgary is open. But the Mental Health and Addictions budget is being cut pretty much everywhere else.

    Two of the mental health managers I talked to said there was currently a hiring freeze. Another manager said there wasn't a "hiring freeze," but that higher management had suggested that vacant lines go unfilled. One of the managers also said that AHS has a plan to move hiring decisions up the hierarchy and eventually take them out of the hands of the unit or patient care managers.
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    Sadly, there are budget cuts to all zones and in all fields across AHS, and other Provinces as well. Health care costs billions of dollars, and we are at the tail end of a major recession. Truth be told, the government cares less about health and more about the bottom line. That's nothing new. In my zone, we were told they needed to slash about a million dollars. Also, due to E people, many HR managers are/were receiving their pink slips this year and next. Take whatever you can get for now. I will be relocating as well, but I'm prepared that I may need to venture to another rural area. It is what it is....
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    Quote from janfrn

    This is such a generalization. While it's true there are some part-time nurses who abuse the DDO clause, the majority of them - myself included - are in part time lines because that's what works for our families and our health. Part time lines are highly sought-after by the nurses with young families who want to be home with their kids and by those whose partners work in the patch so their childcare arrangements are easier. The ones on my unit who are raking in the OT are the full-timers, some of whom make $50K a year 'extra'. As a charge nurse I'm well aware of the cancellation pecking order... casuals, then part-timers then full-timers in reverse order of when they booked themselves for the shift. We have about 120 regular staff, 60% or more of them full-time. There's a LOT of OT on my unit, most of it going to the same small cohort of full-timers who might work nine 12-hour shifts in a row. I can think of at least a dozen of our part-timers who never work on a DDO ever. In 10 years I have NEVER picked up an extra shift... straight time or OT... I work a 0.7 FTE for a reason. If LPNs had the DDO clause, how much OT would you​ work?
    Jan, It might be a generalization at your site but it's a reality at mine. I work with full time RNs who work all the OT they can get. Part timers have said it to the staffing clerk's face that they will only come in if it's on their day's off and have been cancelling pre booked shifts on their straight time days.

    I don't work OT, even when the AUPE contract had double time for part timers, it was very selective as to who it was offered to. I think in nine years, I picked up three shifts.

    Under our latest contract, we can't bank more than five 7.75 hour shifts of OT, and from what we've heard our new contract requires that out of the double OT one shift be paid in cash and only the other can be banked. So our full timers are miffed and are saying they won't work OT under this new contract because they don't want to be paid they'd rather have paid time off (as in multiple weeks).

    With the current budget mess going on, my UM is filling LPN lines that would require us to be paid OT with new grad or casual RNs because they are cheaper, a direct contract violation.
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    If your UM is violating your contract, and you know it, phone your Union.

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