Jobs for new graduate in BC (e.g. Victoria, Nelson)? - page 2

Hi everyone. I've just graduated an RN program in Ontario, but I've always wanted to move to BC, and I'm wondering what the job market is like in BC right now. I've read several other threads in which students have been... Read More

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    If you were interested in moving west, you could probably find work in AB, Sask, MB, but part time to start.

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    Ya I'm out lookin in Yukon and all of Canada. I competed my RPN and OR course in Ontario and now looking for work... I'm just not very sure how my CNO license will work in other provinces?
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    You will need to apply for and be licensed in every Province you want to work, at least for the first year. The CNO will send your registration information directly to the Province you are applying for licensure, for a fee of around 30 dollars. You will need to pay the going rate for whichever Province you want to be licensed. It gets costly.

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