HOAE technical question

  1. 0 Hi, I recently sat the HOAE test, fully computerized. Before I submitted each section, I went to the left hand column, clicked on some of the questions that I had already answered, and just looked at my answers to double check....when you click on each question it comes up on the screen, and shows you which answer you chose. Then I submitted the section. I'm wondering now if when I opened each question to look at what I had answered, was I supposed to resubmit each answer again, or does the answer I already submitted stick? I'm just hoping I didn't submit a bunch of blank answers....
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    You're fine! It will submit your original answer good luck with your results!
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    THANKYOU!! After all the blood sweat and tears of preparing for the thing....I couldn't stop worrying about it. Now I can enjoy my weekend, thanks!!!

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