Hiring freeze in canada?

  1. hello all!
    I have just been reading a few other posts about how there is a hiring freeze in canada.is this true? if so, for how long? this does not affect me now as i dont start my program until september 2013 but i am a planner and thinker and have been always keeping my eye out for what kind of jobs are available in my field of choice. i will be done my LPN program in two years and want to stay in alberta.

    does anyone know how long this freeze will go on for and if it will happen again?
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  3. by   weemsp
    No one can say exactly how long this latest " hiring freeze" will last....but if you go back into the AHS ( Alberta Health Services) archived articles, you will soon start to see a pattern.
    If you are an Albertan, you are well aware of the peaks and valleys of the economy there. Every 5 years ( or so) we have a " boom" in the economy...and a massive nursing influx ensues. Then we even out for a few years...then comes the inevitable " bust". The government and AHS powers that be...in their infinite wisdom... continue to react to this with these " hiring freezes" and the trimming of existing positions.
    We all panic...we all wait with breath that is baited...to hear if we will be one of the lost ones.
    The last time this happened was in 2009. There was a " hiring freeze" in April but by August...the new hires started to dribble in once again ( probably due to the "unforseen" - and I use that term with sarcastic contempt - lack of available staff during the " vacation" season, for one!).
    Then by December...it seemed like a thing of the past.
    This is a continued cycle that is known and expected with Albertans...and while it is ridiculous and frustrating...it just seems to be part of the Alberta fabric.
    And...with each " frost" they act as though this is somehow unprecedented territory, of which they are " doing their best to navigate with as few losses as possible".
    It is, in my opinion, a short term cycle, that will continue to repeat itself.
    We just roll our eyes, sigh, shrug our shoulders and say " Here we go again!!"
    This, too, shall pass!
  4. by   joanna73
    This also depends on your specialty and years of experience. Employment prospects are slim for new grads, since they cost time and money. Rural locations are always in need, but urban centres are saturated with applicants. Your best to get 2+ years of experience and then try to relocate. Travel nursing is another option, but not for new grads.