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Hi, I am currently putting together a case for casual nurses in Manitoba to recieve stat pay on each check as do part time nurses. I have compiled from across Canada what other provinces do, and guess what, all get paid for stat... Read More

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    Please . I just found out we are the only Casual Rns in the country who dont get this, my union is apparently unaware (good job huh )and I am trying to find a forum to inform others in Manitoba, to get this info out here.

    I understand the whole casual thing, that is not the point of this. Our union membership is pretty apathetic, compared to others, me included. How do you reach others when you are a small group spread out, and your union is neglectful.

    Trust me, I have been searching everywhere for a way not to leave my issues up to those who believe as you do, but through legal obligations my union has as sole bargainer for me, to research and compare, and come to a thoughtful decision. I had hoped we Manitobans could have had a thread for porposes of informing.

    I am done here

    Critical care nure, mb

    ps. please dont say Most off the top of your hat. It took me alot of time to gather all the info from all the contracts, so I could put out real facts. You havent had enough time to make such a statement .

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    I work what is left over simply means , what it means. Best of both worlds how? What did I say that implied I want more, perhaps your job? My point is that our unit runs with casuals. Our nurses leave for better workingt conds/hours less stress etc, and has had a critical shortage leading to cancelled surgeries etc. I am experienced, and in demand. We cannot predict how acute our pts are going to come out of surgery. Any critical care nurses wish to wade in?I get prebooked and called for emergency situations which are practically on a daily basis. The ot is unreal. No working just stats is a weird accusation. 12 a year, wow. I work on avge a point 7, some work full time. Yes some work only days mon-fri, but they usually dont work that much or take work on multiple units. So some people abuse sick time. What of it. Should we vote out sick time because that is not fair? At least if you dont like a casual you dont call/book them. We always have to consider we have no real job.

    Hospitals are relying on us to get the job done, I have personally worked eve/night 16 hour shifts more than I care to, and none of my friends would even consider the schedule I work. I also have the same chance to be mandatoried as anyone else on my unit Code37 they are called, but since I am more flexible, I volunteer and it doesnt usually come to that. I only book what I am up to and have called in sick 3 times in 5 years. Beside my name on those occasions it says Cancelled as we cant call in sick. Others may read that and think I took the day off . Whatever. My point is why the hospital gets to pay me less per hour, because some antiquated way of thinking is that they only work occasionally so what does it matter. Yes this is my choice and if I didnt have it I would leave nursing as my husband refused to be the only 55 year old he knows whose wife cant get a week off when he does, because we moved and she has no seniority.

    You should all want a good option should you find yourself in a similiar situation.
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    Actually no because if and when I go casual, I'll do so knowing that I'm losing some of the benefits of my permanent position. You can't pick and choose, and elect not to work, yet receive all the benefits. Alberta does have a position created to help retain staff in certain areas called Benefit Eligible Casual Employee or BECE. I hear what you're saying also, but during these economic times, most uits don't care if their staff come and go. They are more concerned about cutting expenses and balancing budgets. Fair? No, but that's the reality.
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    Anyways my point is ALL provinces except Manitoba pay the benefits I am referring to. How is it ok for every other casual in the country to have received these for years but not ok for us to ask now. I have compiled all of my info direct from the collective agreements. Whether you believe casuals should get stat pay is not the point, they do, in every instance except Manitoba. I dont want part and full time benefits, I want normal casual benefits.
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    That's something you need to address with your nursing association and your union.

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