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I have just acccepted a position as the Staff Development/Infection Control Coordinater in a LTC facility. Does anyone know of any good resources/web sites? Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks!... Read More

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    Hi! I, too, am new to ltc staff dev./ infection control/ safety/ etc. I am interested in making learing fun. No one likes to sit in an inservice for 1 hr or more....listen to someone talk and talk and talk. I would love to hear some idea's that anyone has come up with. Any help would be greatly apprieciated....
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    I have been an lvN for 15yrs-Army trained --hurah! In any case just accepted aposition for DSD and my training course does not begin until August. I need to clean up waht was left by the outgoing DSD and have very little direction or knowledge. My expiernce in SNF more than 10 yrs ago and most current inpatient, mulit specialis MD office, and last nurse manager for Assisted living> I am hopeful for any help am currently reviewing Title 22 but can not find what needs to go in an employee file. Please DON is new as well and is rightfully overwhelmed:-( Big thanks in advance!!!!
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    you have any wheel of fortune or jepardy games already made up. If so could you email them to me At
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    A great ice breaker for you and the staff is to set up a mock patient's room.
    Have staff compete to see who can find the most "tags", why each tag sited is important and what to do to correct each problem noted. Nurses can compete with nurses and assistants with assistants.

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