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I always thought that eventually I might want to teach, so I jumped at the opportunity to teach a didactic course this summer at a local associate degree program despite low pay, so I could see if... Read More

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    I am trying to get my foot in the door as an assistant instructor at our local community college, and the wages range from 30-50/hour depending on the exact position. Granted, this is a course that is only offered 3 times a year, so it is probably really hard to get instructors, but I kind of thought that if this was what they were offering assistant instructors, then adjunct and tenure faculty must get paid at least the same amount. I currently make 30/hour as a bedside nurse, and I am a very new RN.

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    So, since we are talking numbers, none of what you guys said sounded that terrible to me. My jaw hit the floor because the dean told me the starting pay would be around 42k, and that is 42k for a 12 month position, not a 9 month. I am a newish NP and don't make near what the average NP makes, but I would have to work so much on the side even to pay bills and things.

    I wouldn't do it right now anyway, but 50k for a 9 month position or 70 ish for a 12 month position I might do because I genuinely like teaching, but this pay is absolutely absurd. Thanks for all the insight, sounds like this is a common problem, but doesn't sound like it is quite so bad in many other places as it happens to be at this college. I think 42k is absolutely atrocious pay for a Master's degree.
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    42K for a 12 month position?? thats crazy....I worked for one college that was 46K for a 9 month with option to do summer classes for more. My current faculty position is 50K for 9 months....and with summer teaching it came to about 15k more ....not too bad considering the perks we get too!
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    I made 41,500 for 9 months in Oklahoma during the 2013-2014 school year, working (at the college) 32 hours a week, plus prepping for lectures (20ish hours of work x 6 a semester on my "free time"). Not bad really, but as an NP in the same area I make 85k as a new grad NP 45 hrs a week only 2 weeks off a year. I quit teaching because the insurance to insure my ONE daughter was $600 a month!!! The education of undergraduates however is significantly easier than working as an NP (stress, too much autonomy, hours).

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