Tell me what it is like to work for a 4 year

  1. I finished my MSN in May with a focus in education. I have taught clinicals for a community college and really enjoy the setting, but they are going through major budget cuts and I have been told they have no idea when a full time teaching position (clinicals and theory) will be available.
    Can you tell me what it is like to teach in a 4 year university? Do you need to do research?
    Can you tell me some differences between working for a community college versus university? Is there more job security at a university versus a community college (regarding contracts, tensure,etc)
    I have seen a few job postings at the university and have not applied, fearing what the atmosphere is like.
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  3. by   llg
    I don't have a lot of experience in this ... but have taught a little at universities here and there over the years.

    Obviously, there is a lot of variation among schools -- and the job experience also varies greatly depending on the type of job you have there. At one extreme are the research intensive universities and "tenure track" positions. On the tenure track at such a place, there will be expectations that you do research -- as well as serve on committees, etc. Teaching classes in only one part of the job.

    However, even major universities sometimes hire faculty in "non-tenure track" positions. Sometimes, such positions are full time and include benefits: other times, they are part time or adjunct positions that don't. In such positions, you may be hired to simply teach one class or a couple of classes (such as clinical rotations) without being given the other responsibilities of a full time faculty member. So, what kind of positions are available at your local colleges and universities?

    There are also 4-year BSN programs that are less research intensive and focus more on teaching and service to the school than research. Usually, the same employment possibilities apply at such schools -- but even on the tenure track, research is stressed less than teaching. Once again, what kind of colleges/universities are you considering? ... and ... What types of positions are you looking at?

    I suggest you get some information on the particular schools in question. Do you know anybody who works there? ... or anybody familiar with those schools? Explore their websites. Talk to people. Perhaps some of your collegues at the Community College can give you some information. Do any of your former classmates work in any of those schools. That's where any networking you have done over the years can help you.

    Finally ... you can always submit an application and use those first contacts with the search committee as opportunities to ask questions. If you feel that you are not a good fit for that school, you can always withdraw your application early in the process.

    Good luck.
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    No full time positions are available at either community college or the university now Although I went back to teach clinicals again today and made it well known I will do whatever I can to get a full time position with them at the community college and they seemed very receptive.
    I dont now anyone at the university at all to ask about specifics
    Neither website is very helpful in what types of research, etc are involved in a full time position.
    Thanks for your help!
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    Can I ask in what state do you live? I am very curious about the market across the nation. Funny how nursing educators were the most short of the nursing shortage... I guess if they don't need nurses, they don't need educators...

    I know that will change quickly and we will be worse off than we were with the last shortage.
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    I am in northeast Iowa