Re-entry into a nursing program after stepping out for academic or pesonal reasons.

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    I am currently a senior nursing student and I am doing a management project on methods to help keep students involved, up-to-date, and ways to help them be successful after being unsuccessful the first time admitted into a program. There are several reason why students are unsuccessful and my goal is to eventually develop a program to address these issues whether that be academic issues or personal issues. However, for now, I just want to find peer-reviewed, scholarly, evidence based research on this topic. I do not think it is a field that has a lot of research on it. Specifically I want to find current attrition rates among baccalaureate nursing schools. I also want to find programs that are currently in place such as remediation or mentoring/tutoring programs that can be used to help not only the students looking for re-entry, but also students that are considered at-risk.

    Any help will be beneficial and greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for your time.

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