pharm course/diploma school

  1. 0 inquiring as to whether you have a formal pharmacology course in your diploma program. if so, how is it formatted and how many lecture hours does it entail? where does it fall in the program?
    thank you
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    I attended a Diploma program and we did have a pharm course which was taken the same semester as Foundations- first semester. The pharm course was 30 hours lecture.
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    I have just started teaching at an LPN school, and we have 2 seperate pharm courses... the first deals with basic drug principles, 5 rights, and lab practice with administration of meds. The second class is a more traditional pharm class in which the different classes of drugs are explored. Each class is 3 credit hours in an 11 week quarter. Although its not a diploma school, maybe the setup of classes will be of use.

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