NCLEX failures
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NCLEX failures

  1. 0 We would like to offer assistance to our grads who fail the NCLEX the first time around. Does anyone have methods that have been particularly effective in helping these people succeed when they retake it?


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    We have done individual tutorial . I did read the other day that test results have been correlated to HESI testing scores.

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    Thanks so much for responding to my message about helping NCLEX failures. What are HESI tests?
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    When our students are not successful in meeting our national examination criteria, we encourage our students to purchase review books with mutiple choice questions. We tell them to answer the questions for each sections, look up the answers and study material related to their incorrect answers. We want to concentrate on what they haven't retained rather than reviewing what they do know. In the past 25 years we have had only 3 or 4 students who haven't made it the second time around. Hope this is helpful.
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    We have worked with students individually and with small groups. Some of the students have been referred for learning disabilities testing. The three students that have been referred were noted as having a learning disability and are qualified to have a reader or more time on the NCLEX. We also have encouraged students to use the computer based testing.
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    In our Associate Degree program we encourage students to view NCLEX review videotapes. They were expensive to purchase, but appeal to students who learn better by seeing and hearing than reading the NCLEX review books. We also had ARNETT Co. do a "simulated" NCLEX for our students last year, hoping to increase 1st time success.