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  1. Hi folks, in two weeks, I take over a job as resource nurse, not quite nurse educator, but the same thing, if you know what I mean.

    I've ordered Donna Wright's book "The Ultimate Guide to Competency Assessment in Health Care" and should get it in the next few days. Are there any other "must have" resources to have.

    I already know what I need to be working on, I have to update the nurses on policies and procedures, so at this point, I'm not coming up with any topics or skills that need to be worked on.

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  3. by   classicdame
    a copy of your Nurse Practice Act. Lippincott's Manual of Nursing Practice (or something like that). A list of good resource people in your facility & community. Remember, you don't "DO" education, you "PROVIDE" it. The adult should be a self learner. So learn different teaching strategies for different situations.
  4. by   clemmm78
    Thanks Classicdame. I'm quite fortunate in that I studied Adult Education several years ago. Yes, adult learning is very different.