June 22 - Register Now for the Next AACN Faculty Webinar

  1. health reform implications for nursing education
    tuesday, june 22 from 1:00-2:00 pm est

    presenter: suzanne begeny, phd, rn, director of government affairs, aacn
    the health reform law - the patient protection and affordable care act - will directly impact existing federal nursing education programs; create new funding opportunities for students, faculty, and schools; and expand practice opportunities for rns and aprns. aacn and our colleagues in the nursing community are working to make sure these promising programs are enacted and funded during the regulatory and appropriations process. yet, there are some provisions in the law that need further attention during the implementation phase to ensure nursing providers are fully recognized. please join aacn for a dialogue about these new provisions and the work underway to create a reformed system that provides high quality care that is patient-centered, cost-effective, and team-based.

    register now at: https://aacnevents.webex.com/mw0306l...vents%26%26%26

    please direct any questions about this webinar to aacn faculty programs director, laura petri, at lpetri@aacn.nche.edu.
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