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Hardiness is an essential trait that one must develop to survive and thrive as a nurse educator. Some might call this "growing a thick skin," but it is much more than that. The quality of hardiness... Read More

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    Such a good article, make me think a lot~~~
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    Quote from ksrn4321
    Vickie, your experiences as a novice educator are reflective of many of us. I recall feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and all alone during my first year. My evenings were spent creating ppts and lectures that were interesting but thought provoking. The second year was better. I tweaked my lectures, updated some of my ppts and had more time to be reflective of my current practice as an educator. I journal every lecture - what worked, what didn't, what I want to change, etc. I also journal clinical experiences using a similar format. I am now in my 6th year of teaching and working on my doctorate. I believe I am an effective role model for my students - learning never, ever stops. The work you do as an educator and here as a blogger do make a difference. It's truly amazing because it has a ripple effect. You directly effect the student who effects the patient and other nurses. One can almost visualize the concentric circles moving out from your actions. Congratulations on perservering and thank you for sharing.

    good information. I am now in my 2nd year and although I don't hate it like last year it still can be a little challenging. I 'm about to do round 4 and want to adopt your journaling on what works and what doesnt. It would be alot easier if I wasn't a student myself. But everytime I want to give up I get on VickyRN corner. She has saved my program so many times..
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    Thank you for a really good article. Hardiness.

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