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  1. 0 hello, I need help to prepare a 5 minute presentation for PN students. this is a part of a teaching position job interview. can anybody suggest an appropriate topic? I really don't have a formal teaching experience except for a handful presentations been an OR nurse for 16 years and now working to finish my MSN with a track on nursing education I am trying to get a job teaching.


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    Go with your about pre-op preparation, recovery of the patient from anesthesia, important things to check in the patient's first hour on the medical-surgical unit (think of the basics...vital signs, how and where to check for bleeding in three common surgeries, pain management, etc).

    With your years of experience, you have a wealth of information to share with these students.

    Best wishes to you!
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    Thank you for the suggestion this will have me somewhere to start with I was actually thinking of a short discussion of the nursing process because as a nurse no matter what area of care you are at the nursing process is always utilized we might not be aware of it but it becomes second nature...I am begining to get anxious and panicky over it...

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    Your idea also sounds like an excellent one. Remember, you have expertise and the wish to teach; put those together, and 5 minutes will be a snap.

    Be confident! Have some fun with it!

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