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I'm just wondering why there's not more stuff concerning staff development on this site!! I know there's a lot of us, where are the rest of you hiding? Or are you just too tired to post (lol)? I would like to brainstorm with... Read More

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    if you have not already joined NNSDO I recommend it. Their e-newsletter alone is valuable, but so are the other resources.

    I stay in touch with various vendors (get their names from materiels management). They provide free education materials and sometimes underwrite activities or provide meals.

    Get on all sorts of committees so you can learn what is going on and what needs to be communicated with the staff. Many confuse awareness with education, but I try to do both so to keep my position visible.

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    That's a wonderful idea. I keep candy free for all and it is always in my office.
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    I am so busy in my job as staff development and infection control. I lost my motive to keep it fun. I feel burnt out right now. What do you suggest.
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    I have been doing SD several years now and would recommend you look into the NNSDO website. They have lots of good info. Membership is about $100/year I think.

    Hints: at some point you will have to justify your existence. Create a cost analysis worksheet for each class held, including CPR, ACLS, etc. It helps trying to negotiate budgets for equipment, etc. I put the data on excel worksheets and summarize by qtr and annually.

    Talk to Materiels Management about vendors and how to contact them. Many offer free educational material that can be used housewide or in specific depts. Many will come by to do free inservices.

    Joint Comm has a book on Staff education. Donna Wright has one on competencies (Amazon.com). I use both frequently.

    Develop relationships with people in every dept so you have an "expert" to use as a resource.
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    Hi. I am a nurse educator at a LTCF. I would like some ideas on making inservices fun and som ideas on games to use during inservices.

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