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    I am new to this listserv but I have enjoyed reading many of the threads already! Currently, I am working on my Masters and my internship project is working with a local hospital to initiate a Communication Dissemination method. I have studied so far Roger's Diffusion of Innovation Theory and have followed a AHRQ (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality) located at http://www.ahrq.gov/qual/advances/planningtool.htm. This is an evidence based approach of disseminating communication/education to staff nurses sometimes called "On the Horizon". I was wishing to get feedback on how other hospitals currently decided the methods to present information to nursing whether it is just through shared governance councils, super users, in-services on off hours and is there any inparticular theory that the hospital is using to do this?

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    Rya, RN
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  3. by   Ahhphoey
    Hi Rya and welcome! I do a lot of staff development/education as part of my job and I typically use a multitude of venues for communication. It depends on what the education/message is though and if it requires more of a hands-on or in-person approach versus just sending an email or posting in a general area. So, for instance we require certain stroke education yearly to maintain our primary stroke center status. I choose the web-based modules and/or inservices that will be required of my staff (I cover two units) and I typically decide on a due date; though the general hospital expectation is just to get it done by the end of the year, I prefer to staff to have it done at least 1-2 months early and the unit managers hold them accountable to this. I usually create a flier with the requirements and due dates and post in prominent places on the unit in addition to emailing it and announcing it at staff meetings and practice council meetings. On the other hand, we changed our process for initiating and maintaining certain high risk medication drips so that required written information via email to supplement me doing 1:1 and small huddles with staff. We have permanent charge nurses who basically function as assistant managers, so they serve as unit resources for any new education during off shifts, therefore I prep them more in depth ahead of time and always in person.Essentially you have to look at what needs to be disseminated and determine the best method based on your resources. Budget is obviously a big concern all over which is why I utilize our charge nurses as resources on off shifts to avoid staff needing to come in on their off days. Rather, they can get the education while they are already at work if possible.
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    In my experience, I have found that most Staff Development and communication is accomplished through a variety of mechanisms in the belief that there is "no single best way" that works best for most people. So people "scattergun" the message.

    I don't see people using a theoretical model to guide their communication methods unless they are working on a project for school or doing planned research for possible publication.